10 Disastrous Date Ideas

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Dating is always a tricky thing, and figuring out the perfect date can be a challenge. Typically, the secret lies in doing something where both people can interact and express their personality. Even a bad date can actually turn out well in the right circumstances, but usually it just becomes a funny story to tell your friends. If you're looking to make the next relationship work, stay away from the disastrous date ideas in this gallery!

The first bad date idea is any type of work event. A few examples of these work events include:

  • A company picnic
  • The yearly Christmas party
  • Happy hour at a bar

Things will get awkward quickly for your date since he/she is the odd one out. You probably won't even have much time to talk to your date by the time that all the introductions and small talk are done. If you want to introduce your date to your work friends, do it once you've gotten past the initial dating stage when you're already familiar with each other.