Signs You're Getting Old

1. You Think Kids Are Weird 1 of 11

When you were young yourself, you probably spent a fair amount of time defending yourself and your peers to the older generations:

  • No! It's cool to wear baggy pants!
  • This is how everyone is doing their hair now! Wake up, Mom. It's the 90s.
  • Every kid plays video games all day.
  • You couldn't possibly understand! You're too old.

But lo and behold, the day has finally arrived when you are beginning to realize that those people weren't as old as you thought. Actually, you kind of understand their logic now, just like they always said you would.

On a daily basis, you see teenagers walking around in clothes that you find completely ridiculous. You can't possibly understand the allure of Justin Bieber. You're weirded out that kids as young as two now have their own cell phones.

You are turning into your parents and grandparents. Isn't that a terrifying thought?

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