7 Reasons Why Shopping for Your Engagement Ring Sucks

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You and your steady sweetheart have been together for awhile, and you've talked about taking that next step in your relationship--marriage. Of course, this means there should be an engagement ring in the near future, and if your honey is like a lot of men out there, he has absolutely no clue what you'll like, and he's terrified he's going to bring you something you'll hate.

For some couples, the best solution is to browse jewelry stores together to determine what you like, what you hate, and ultimately ensure that you're both happy with that hefty future purchase. It should be an exciting and fun-filled mission...but it's not. If you're about to embark on this process with your soon-to-be fiance(e), you should be aware of seven reasons why it's a nightmare.

- Megan Rohrer | ChaCha Web Writer