Things to Talk About on a First Date

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First dates are always a little bit awkward, especially when it's a blind date or someone you met online. Having extra discussion topics ready to use will help to make things a lot less awkward. Forget about having those date-killing pauses in the middle of the conversation, because these tips will keep you talking all night long!

One thing that you should always talk about on a first date is travel. Even if you've never gone more than fifty miles from your hometown before, there are surely places that you want to visit. If you have done any traveling, then ask your date if she has been to any of the same places you have. When talking about your travel experience, make sure to do these things:

  • Detail the highlights of your trip
  • Don't skip over the lowlights, especially if they're funny
  • Show her a few pictures (skip if pics include ex-girlfriends)