Male Grooming Habits it's Okay to Skip

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While good grooming is important to maintain a healthy social life, a lot of people take grooming way too seriously. It's not going to be the end of the world if you skip out on a particular habit occasionally. If you spend hours getting ready in the morning, then you really need to read up on these grooming habits that are okay to skip.

The first and foremost grooming habit you should try skipping is shaving. While you want to look and feel your best, skipping a day really isn't going to show that much unless you're one of those people that grows a five o'clock shadow by noon. The scruffy look is in these days, so just embrace it for a day or two and enjoy a few extra minutes in the morning. Come on, if women are allowed to get away with skipping shaving their legs, you should be allowed to build up some scruff of your own.