What Items Shouldn't Be in a Baby's Crib?

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SUID/SIDS, or sudden and/or unexplained infant death syndrome, is a major fear of most parents and can be brought on by many different factors. Keep the following five items out of the crib, and your baby will sleep safely and soundly...until the terrible twos, that is.

Crib bumpers are great for keeping a baby's arms and legs from being caught and tangled between the bars of a crib, but if you're using traditional fluffy, pillowy bumpers, you increase the risk of your baby suffocating from the fabric, which isn't breathable and can be so thick a child can actually breathe it into his or her mouth..

Instead, find crib bumpers that are:

  • thin yet soft
  • made of mesh
  • made to increase airflow and air access
  • made with Air Channel Technology (ACT)

Numerous tests recommend BreathableBaby's Breathable Mesh Crib Bumper, which is sold online and in stores nationwide for around $30.