10 Places to Hide Your Stash

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If you love to smoke weed but you're too afraid of getting caught, then you need to find a good place to hide your stash. You need to make sure to protect your marijuana and have it located in a convenient place. You could try stashing it on your own, but you should really try out these awesome stash locations instead!

When someone is snooping around your room, are they really going to suspect that innocent looking teddy bear on your bed? Of course not. Stuffed animals are a great place to stash your drugs because they can hide them in plain sight. Choose from these options to complete your stuffed animal stash:

  • Use a puppet (easy to stash, but also easy to find)
  • Find a stuffed animal with a Velcro pouch (a little less obvious than puppets)
  • Cut the stitching of an old stuffed animal and shove your stash inside (most secure)