Where Did the Disney Princesses Originate?

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Defore Walt Disney depicted a child-friendly tale complete with cute, cuddly dwarves, the story of Snow White was much more sinister. The most common pre-Disney version of Snow White's story was written by The Brothers Grimm in 1812. Although Walt Disney stuck with the basic outline in his 1937 animated feature, he left out some gruesome details. These included the wicked queen eating what she believed to have been Snow White's liver, secured by the huntsman who had actually disembowled a boar.

Although Snow White herself was just as sweet and glamorous in the original tale as she was in the Disney version, her revival at the end was far less romantic in the Grimm version. Instead of being brought to life by her true love's kiss, she actually had a piece of the poison apple stuck in her throat. It became dislodged after the pallbearers tripped while carrying her coffin, causing her to wake up.

It's hard to imagine Disney's Snow White approving of Grimm's version of "happily ever after." The wicked queen was forced to dance in hot iron shoes until she died, as punishment for her shennanigans. Yikes.