How to Market Yourself

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A potential employer will base a call for an interview on the skills and accomplishments listed on your resume. This is the first chance you have in the job-hunting process to brag about yourself and grab some attention.

Begin your resume with your name and contact information at the top. Then, bullet 6-7 career accomplishments such as skills you have learned, computer programs you have mastered and awards won. The bulk of the resume will detail work experience, listing the name of the company, its location, years worked, your position, and job duties. Education will round out the basic information.

If you have varying skills, make different versions of your resume to fit each job you could be applying to. Here are a few other tips for creating your job-winning resume:

  • Use white or light-colored bond paper.
  • Staple the pages of your resume.
  • Include a short and simple cover letter.
  • Check for typos or grammatical errors.
  • Keep resume two or three pages in length.
  • Be honest, but make yourself sound accomplished and qualified.