10 NFL Teams Likely to Crumble in 2012

New York Jets 1 of 11

In every NFL season, there are always teams that just don't manage to meet expectations. Let's take a look at 10 of the 32 NFL teams that are most likely to crumble in 2012.

First up is a highly-acclaimed New York Jets team. This team is loaded with talent on offense, defense, and in the coaching staff. There's really no reason the Jets shouldn't be headed for a deep playoff run, except for the two men at the QB position. Picking up Tim Tebow might look like a brilliant idea when he runs in a few touchdowns as their "goalline quarterback," but Mark Sanchez's inevitable collapse near the end of the season will push Tebow into the starting position. We all saw how well that worked out for the Broncos against the Patriots last season.