7 Ways to Never Violate Your Partner's Privacy

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It's ok to be cautious in relationships, but when your "caution" turns into suspicion and paranoia, your trust issues are likely to wreak havoc, especially if they lead you to violate your partner's privacy. The following seven actions will not only tell your partner that you don't trust him or her, but will also betray his or her trust, and that is not easy to bounce back from.

First of the bunch, text messages are like the gateway drug for snoopers--it's where they start. Just because your boyfriend or girlfriend is texting someone, it doesn't mean it's someone he or she is cheating on you with. Snooping through his or her text messages can not only lead you to make a much bigger deal out of nothing ("Oh my god! She said 'Haha.' She's totally the other woman!") but it can also lead you to start digging through his or her other media accounts and profiles. It's the first violation of trust in your relationship. Don't do it.