Which Celebrities Are Celebrating Teachers?

John Legend 1 of 9

R&B pop singer and philanthropist John Legend has been vocal and passionate about his love for teachers, students, and his desire to see American education thriving.

  • In a blog post John Legend wrote about his thanks for teachers, he said, "I am fortunate to do something I love, which is largely due to the great teachers who encouraged, supported and guided me along the way. Every child deserves such teachers. They cannot achieve their potential without them."
  • Legend also had a strong response to words comedian and talk show host Bill Maher spoke in criticism of President Obama’s decision to support a Rhode Island superintendent who fired every single teacher at a failing high school, forcing them to reapply to their jobs.
  • The singer wrote a retort to Maher saying, "There are world-class teachers everywhere who deserve more credit and better pay. They aren't to blame for much of what’s wrong with our schools. But we do know that having a quality teacher in every classroom is the single most important tool we can use to improve student learning. It can override other challenges in a way that no other factor can."