Ways to Prevent Drunk Driving

Don't Drink 1 of 7

Despite the best efforts of groups like MADD, the influence of alcohol is still responsible for thousands of deaths every year. While the number of fatalities is steadily decreasing, the responsibility of preventing drunk driving falls to us. Take some responsibility and use these methods to prevent drinking and driving!

The first and most obvious way to prevent drunk driving is for you and your friends not to drink. While there's no denying that people enjoy alcohol's inhibition-loosening effects, there are plenty of other ways to have a good time. Use some of these tips to resist the temptation to drink on your next night out:

  • Don't hang out at your usual drinking spot.
  • Don't meet up with other people that are drinking.
  • Have soda or energy drinks instead of alcohol.
  • Pick a new activity you can do as a group, like playing sports.