Who Are the Most Attractive Animated Men?

Aladdin 1 of 11

Okay, ladies and gents! We've all noticed at one point in our lives that we are strangely attracted to animated characters. It happens to even the most sane of us. Whatever the reason, those of us who are attracted to the male gender have all developed a mild crush on at least one prince or bad boy (or maybe even an animal) from a Disney or otherwise animated movie. So let's dish!

First up is Aladdin. Just look at this stunner! He's attractive, he's charming, and he has access to a genie. How could you possibly go wrong? Sure, he's not always the most honest guy in town, and he's kind of in love with himself, but still. He caught our eye the second he gave his stolen loaf of bread to those poor, starving children.

Rather tasty, indeed. He can show me the world anytime.

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- Allison Weaver, ChaCha Entertainment