Bartending Tricks to Impress Your Friends

Tom Criuse's Flip to Pour 1 of 11

You May have seen this trick in the 1988 film 'Cocktail.' Despite how cool it looks, it's actually a very simple maneuver that will amaze all of your buddies. This one has you tossing the bottle in the air and catching it in the perfect position to pour into your glass. The steps for this trick are quite easy.

  • Grab the bottle by the top end and flick it upwards.
  • As the bottle is flipping keep your hand in the same position, but open your palm enough to catch the bottle. If the flip is executed well enough, it should land right back in place.
  • Do not do this with a bottle that is more than 1/4 full. It also helps to have some kind of pour spout on the bottle.