The Scoop on Serving Sizes

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Portion sizes have grown so large over the years, that now we don't even blink at the super sized portions served up across the nation.

Over the last 20 years, bagels have doubled in size. Since the 1950s, restaurant portions are more than four times bigger. Burger sizes have tripled, while baskets of fries are more than twice as big. And sodas are up to six times as large, with jumbo 42 oz drinks now available. The volume of Starbucks' Trenta sized iced drinks is slightly larger than the average capacity of the adult human stomach.

Meanwhile, on average, today's Americans are 26 pounds heavier than during the 1950s.

To avoid unhealthily large portion sizes when eating out, the CDC recommends these options:

  • split your meal with a friend
  • take half home
  • order the smallest size entree
  • ask for a smaller portion

Being able to read nutrition labels and knowing healthy serving sizes is vital to your health.