How Should You Behave in a Movie Theater?

Turn Off Your Phone 1 of 11

Going to the movies can be one of the best experiences out there. You get to take a couple of hours to escape from the world, putting your problems to the back of your mind while you take in the story unfolding on screen.

But sometimes, hooligans in the theater can ruin everything. Do you want to be the person everyone hates? Do you want to be a drain on society at large? Follow these tips to keep a good reputation while going to the movies!

Tip #1: Put your phone away.

It's not just a suggestion! The second you look at your phone, everyone in the room will be distracted by it. Be respectful and put it away until the end of the movie. Don't talk, text, or check social media. I promise, you'll survive without it, and your fellow moviegoers will appreciate the gesture!