How Do You Talk to Women in Public?

1. Approach With Caution 1 of 11

A lot of men have trouble speaking to women in public. You spot a lovely young lady at the mall, and you'd love to strike up a conversation. What should you do? How can you guarantee a positive interaction?

Well, there are no guarantees in these situations, but there are ways to better your chances of success!

Firstly, approach her with caution. You don't want to scare her off before you even utter a word! Avoid these moves:

  • Excessive staring
  • Stalking
  • Looking her up and down
  • Approaching from behind

Casually make your way toward her, in plain view, and smile. Look her in the eye, but not in a creepy way. Be friendly. Show her that you're nothing to worry about. That's the first step! Click through this gallery for more tips.