What are Some of the Coolest Food Truck Concepts?

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If you're wondering where the current food truck craze originated, look no further than the Kogi Tacos truck -- launched in 2008 offering a blend of Mexican and Korean BBQ food. Kogi Tacos' soaring popularity inspired dozens of other Los Angeles food trucks, and the trend swept across the nation to the delight of hungry foodies in search of fast, cheap, and innovative cuisine.

The phenomenon took off first in cities with culturally diverse populations, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City, Washington, and Philadelphia, often resulting in an exciting and delicious fusion of flavors from different heritages. Called "America's first viral eatery" by Newsweek, Kogi's use of Twitter as a way of alerting customers to the truck's location and current specials sparked the use of social media as a form of promotion and communication for food trucks everywhere.

Typical menu items from Kogi Tacos, now a fleet of five trucks, include:

  • Spicy pork tacos
  • Short rib sliders
  • Kimchi quesadillas
  • Chocolate tres leches cake