How Do You Deal With Jealousy?

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Almost everyone deals with jealousy in a relationship at some point in their life, but learning to deal with it is an important step that many people never take. It's amazing how much more relaxing a relationship becomes once you're able to work through this ugly emotion. Use the tips in this gallery, and you'll be free of jealousy in no time!

The first step in dealing with jealousy is to examine yourself and determine why you're having these feelings. Most jealous people tend to think that there's nothing wrong with their own behavior and criticize their partners instead. Pay close attention to your own behavior, and think about events in your past. Here are a few common reasons why you might get jealous:

  • You're a cheater, so you expect others to act the same way.
  • You've had a bad experience in your past.
  • You're just insecure.
  • You're a pessimist.