What Are Paris Hilton's Most Famous Pets?

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If you weren't aware, Paris Hilton is a huge pet lover -- like really huge. In fact, she has a massive menagerie of both common and exotic animals! Some of the animals are almost as famous as the heiress herself, so read through this gallery to see them all!

First up is Paris' favorite fashion accessory, Tinkerbell the Chihuahua. Since the early 2000's, Paris has rarely shown up to a social event without a cute animal in her arms, and Tinkerbell has usually been the main attraction. This cute pooch also starred on Hilton's reality series 'The Simple Life.'

Paris has a lot more dogs than just Tinkerbell. Her collection of adorable pups now includes Marilyn Monroe, Kimchi, Harajuku, Dolce, Prada, and many more. The dogs even have their own mini-mansion!