What Shows Got Snubbed by the 2012 Emmys?

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With every Emmy Awards, a massive chunk of awesome celebrities and shows are left off of the list of nominees. Some of the best shows on television don't receive so much as a nod, and much-deserving actors and actresses spend yet another year wondering what they could've possibly done better.

The fact is, they couldn't have done any better. They deserved to be nominated, gosh darn it! And since I have a platform with which to write about such injustice, let's take a look at all of the names and shows that should've received nominations (and perhaps even wins) at the 2012 Emmy Awards.

First up, let's check out the nominees for Outstanding Comedy Series: The Big Bang Theory, Girls, Veep, Curb Your Enthusiasm, 30 Rock, and Modern Family.

What? No 'Parks and Recreation'? No 'Community'? What about 'Louie,' 'How I Met Your Mother,' 'Happy Endings' or 'New Girl'? With half of the slots going to HBO programs, it may be time to split the category into "Outstanding Cable Comedy Series" and "Outstanding Network Comedy Series." Hey, it works for the People's Choice Awards!

Also, who decided that 'Girls' is a comedy? I watched the first season, and it definitely brings more dramatic silence than laughs.

This is the darkest timeline.

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