Which Fantasy Football Players Will Shine in Week 4?

Ray Rice (vs. Cleveland) 1 of 11

The 2012 NFL season is off to a crazy start thanks to a number of botched calls by replacement referees and quite a few unexpected upsets. Who could have predicted that the Cardinals would be 3-0 and the Saints would be 0-3 at this point? However, the season continues, and you need to know who's going to rack up the most points for your fantasy team. Find out and start these players in week 4!

Our first shining star is Ray Rice. Through the first three weeks, he's been a very solid performer with an average of 5.8 yards per carry. Rice has also tacked on quite a bit of yardage from pass receptions. No running back has had a breakout week in touchdowns so far, but this could be the one for Rice. The Cleveland Browns are one of the worst teams in the league, and they'll be powerless against a merciless Ravens offense.

Predicted Stats: 160 Rushing Yards, 35 Receiving Yards, 3 TDs