What Were the Greatest American Ryder Cup Moments?

Justin Leonard's 1999 Putt 1 of 8

Any American Ryder Cup fans will instantly point to Justin Leonard's 45-foot birdie putt and the craziness that followed as one of the most memorable moments in Ryder Cup history.

Leonard's improbable putt was a colossal triumph for an American team that faced dire circumstances heading into the final day. Leonard had even been 4 down before clawing his way back to drop the gigantic putt. Within seconds, total chaos reigned as the entire American team, their wives and girlfriends stormed the green to celebrate. It broke every rule of traditional golf etiquette, and the moment still leaves a deeply bitter taste in the mouths of Europeans.

Many Americans often forget that Jose Maria Olazabal still had a 22-foot putt remaining to halve the hole when the American invasion of the 17th green occurred. After the ruckus died down, Olazabal unsurprisingly missed the daunting putt. There was still golf to be played in the '99 Ryder Cup, but Leonard's putt was the fatal blow that signaled the inevitable American victory.