What Should They Have Taught Us in School?

1. Basic Home Maintenance 1 of 11

As a high school or college graduate, you're really excited to leave your parents behind and move out into your own place. You find a decent apartment at a reasonable price, and you prepare for what will inevitably be an amazing experience.

But then the smoke detectors start beeping at odd intervals. Your bathtub is clogged. And your vacuum cleaner is ruined because it's tangled to death with massive knots of your long, beautiful hair. On top of everything else, you can't even open a pickle jar.*

What are you supposed to do? Aside from a few basics you picked up from Mom and Dad, you're completely clueless. That's why they should teach some basic home maintenance pointers in school, like:

  • How to unclog a drain
  • How to clean an oven
  • How and when to change the batteries in smoke detectors
  • How to open a stubborn jar (Rubber grips, people! It's all about rubber grips.)

This list could go on and on. Click forward to see nine more things that I think they should've taught us in school!

*This story may or may not have come from the personal life experience of the author.