Which Foods Have Trans Fat?

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Everyone knows that trans fats are bad for us, but most people don't really know why. This unsaturated fat has been proven to increase the risk for heart disease and can worsen cholesterol. While trans fats are used much less than they used to be, the foods in this gallery are still loaded with this artery clogging substance.

Oil-based spreads seem like a great alternative to butter, but in reality they might be even more dangerous. The saturated fat in butter is actually less harmful than the large amount of trans fat in margarine. Check out the fat content of all these spreads:

  • Butter - 0.3g trans fat, 7.2g saturated fat per serving
  • Shortening - 4.2g trans fat, 3.4g saturated fat per serving
  • Stick Margarine - 2.8g trans fat, 2,1g saturated fat per serving
  • Tub Margarine - 0.6g trans fat, 1.2g saturated fat per serving

As you can see, tub margarine (the soft kind) is the best option for overall fat, regular butter has the least trans fats, and the worst culprit overeall is shortening.