Why Could You Be Gaining Weight?

Eating Too Few Calories 1 of 8

You hit the gym almost every day, and you maintain an extremely healthy diet. On paper, you're doing everything right. But you're still overweight. You still get dirty looks. You still get put down on the daily. Why can't you lose the weight? Are you doing something wrong?

Did you know that some people are overweight for other reasons than eating too much or not getting enough exercise? If you're someone who believes that all overweight folks have a bad diet and lack of exercise to blame, think again.

For example, some overweight people have trouble shedding the pounds because they consume too few calories. Does that blow your mind? Drastically cutting back on calories puts the body into starvation mode, which causes metabolism to purposefully slow down in an effort to conserve those few precious calories. This will either stall weight loss or cause weight gain.

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Source: Livestrong