What Are the Most Badass Shows on TV?

Breaking Bad 1 of 11

'Breaking Bad' is simply the most badass show on television. Amazingly, it achieves that title through flawless writing, ballsy direction, genuine human conflict, superior acting, and an endless supply of creativity, black humor, jarring violence, twists, turns, and perfect story arcs.

You get a cancer-stricken chemistry teacher who believably rises to the level of a drug kingpin mastermind capable of putting the fear of God in people, a loveable junkie partner with incredible range, dirty family secrets, a stoic and frightening chicken-joint-manager-by-day drug kingpin, loads of bodies getting eaten by acid, a hilariously skeezy lawyer, endless scheming, cooking, poisoning, guns, drugs, money, plane crashes, hit-and-runs, overdoses, stabbings and prison hits. What could be more badass than all of that?