What Should You Do With Your Old iPod?

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With all of the fancy new gadgetry on the market today, most people don't have much use for the iPod anymore. They were all the rage back in their early days, but now that iPhones can do everything they can do, but better (just like Doris Day), those adorable little music players are on their way out. Poor guys.

So what should people do with their pathetic old washed up iPods? Well, the right thing to do is recycle them by turning them into a store like Best Buy, or sell them to someone who can't afford a fancier piece of technology. But who wants to do something like that? Let's think outside the box!

You could turn it into a necklace! Just attach a chain to the top of the iPod and bam! You've started the next big trend: iPod jewelry. You could even take two iPod shuffles and turn them into absurdly heavy earrings. Talk about bling!