What Are the Nuttiest National Political Parties?

American Beer Drinker's Party 1 of 11

Have you ever had a flash of insight seconds after polishing off your second pitcher of Bud and shouted out, "We should be running the country!?" You can bet these guys sure have.

On its website, The American Beer Drinker's Party proclaims to be "America's premium political party, committed to the ideology founded on the simple logic, developed when men (& women) sit down, talk, and have a beer." The founders (Homer, Barney and Moe?) go on to say, "The outline for our party manifesto along with most of the party platform are written on bar napkins. I can't seem to make out most of it, the ink is smeared with beer and buffalo wing sauce... Just remember, we may not always be right but we're never wrong." In Suds We Trust. Vote beer.