Who Are The Worst Movie Bosses?

Velma Von Tussle in 'Hairspray' 1 of 11

If you thought your boss was bad, think again! These on-screen bosses will make yours look like Glinda the Good Witch.

First up is Velma Von Tussle from the 2007 musical film 'Hairspray,' the manager of the TV station that broadcasts 'The Corny Collins Show.' Just how evil is she? Let's count the ways:

  1. She's racist, uttering things like "They're just kids! That's why we have to steer them in the white direction."
  2. She's a former beauty queen, but she slept with the judges in order to win.
  3. She ridicules teenage girls for their weight, their noses, and other aspects of their appearance.
  4. She cheats in order for her daughter to win the Miss Teenage Hairspray pageant.
  5. She attempts to seduce a man into cheating on his wife.

She's bad news all around. I certainly wouldn't want to work for her TV station! Click through for some more downright awful movie bosses!