What's the Best Way to Marathon a TV Show?

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If you love to watch television and you've never marathoned through an entire series before, then you're missing out on the best way to experience a TV show. Watching at least six TV episodes back to back with no commercials is just like watching a movie, only it's much more interesting and addicting! Use the tips in this gallery for the best possible marathon experience.

Before you can start a TV show marathon, you need to choose which show you're going to watch. There are excellent shows on TV right now, but there are also plenty of series that have aired in the past. I'd advise you to pick a series that is finished for the best viewing experience. Here are a few suggestions if you don't know what to choose:

  • 'Arrested Development'
  • 'Firefly'
  • 'House'
  • 'Freaks and Geeks'
  • 'Lost'