What Are Some Crazy Extreme Sports Records?

Supersonic Skydive 1 of 9

Felix Baumgartner of Austria had the eyes of the world on him as 8 million people went online to watch his amazing freefall descent after jumping from a capsule in the middle of the stratosphere above New Mexico, where he was taken by a giant helium balloon. Felix hurtled toward the earth at a speed of 833.9 miles per hour, reaching Mach 1.24 and taking 9 minutes to get to the ground.

Baumgartner's skydive set several world records:

  • First person to break the sound barrier in freefall
  • Highest freefall parachute jump (FAI-sanctioned, as well as unsanctioned)
  • Highest vertical speed in freefall
  • Greatest freefall distance

Watch him here!