Which Movies Helped Stars Fight Typecasting?

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Ever since becoming a superstar by starring in one of the highest-rated sitcoms in television history, Jennifer Aniston has been a shoe-in for nearly every role calling for an attractive, harmless, and lovable rom-com blonde who can get a few laughs. That was the DNA of Rachel Green, and it was the core of her character in 'Picture Perfect,' 'Office Space,' 'Bruce Almighty,' 'Along Came Polly,' 'The Break-Up,' 'Marley & Me' and countless other films.

She made a valiant attempt at breaking free of being typecast by giving the best acting performance of her career as a down-and-out, small town store clerk in the 2002 indie film, 'The Good Girl,' which co-starred a young Jake Gyllenhaal. The attempt was short-lived though since it was a small film that hardly registered a blip on the 'Friends'-sized radar. Fortunately, Aniston threw harmless and lovable out the window when she played the feistiest of the titular characters in the hilarious 2011 film, 'Horrible Bosses.'