Which Celebs Would Make the Best College Roommates?

Matthew McConaughey 1 of 11

Could any celebrity be more perfectly suited for the real life role of fun-loving, congenial college roommate than Matthew McConaughey (a University of Texas alum)?

The Texan actor and former "Sexiest Man Alive" is as famous for his consummate smile, penchant for relaxing shirtless, and good-times charm as he is for his on-screen roles. McConaughey's personal mantra (best done in his Texan drawl) is also the namesake of his production company (j.k. livin): "just keep livin."

If you're a college guy looking to get access to the best parties and be in the company of the most beautiful co-eds, who are you going to choose to be your right hand man other than the guy who is canonized for the endlessly quotable 'Dazed and Confused' and still remembered for being arrested for playing the bongos in the nude while toking and blasting tunes?