What Can You Do to Fight Allergies?

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Allergy season is rough on everyone, but for some, it's absolutely unbearable. Find out what you can do to fight your allergy symptoms and stop the sniffles!

One of the best things you can do to fight allergies is cleanse your nasal passages. When your nose is all gunked up, your sinuses will begin to fill up, and that could lead to a nasty sinus infection. There are a number of different methods available to cleanse your nasal passages, but one of the most effective is a saline nasal spray. Spraying this saltwater solution loosens mucus, which should make it easier to blow your nose.

If a spray isn't good enough, you can try using a neti pot. This strange little teapot will literally wash the inside of your nose! To use a neti pot, you first need to fill it up with a saline solution. Place the spout of the pot into one of your nostrils and slowly tilt your head until the liquid comes out your other nostril. If done correctly, the liquid should never enter your throat.