How Can You Make Other Drivers Hate You?

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Feel like ticking people off? Are you looking to take your Internet trolling capabilities out into the real world? It's easy to do! Just follow these tips on how to make everyone else on the road hate your guts.

First of all, buy a bumper sticker or five. Or 20. Buy as many as you can fit on your car. Preferably some of these kinds, because they really get people worked up:

  • Religious slogans and threats of hellfire
  • Over-the-top political rhetoric
  • Stick figure families
  • Peeing Calvin

If you find one that actually is really funny and doesn't step on anyone's toes, throw it in the trash immediately. Who wants to play it safe? Get out there and make people uncomfortable! If you're lucky, one of them will be so irate that he or she will vandalize your car. That's when you know you've won!