What Pranks Can You Pull on a College Roommate?

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Pranks are the best form of revenge in college, and they give everyone in your dorm a good laugh. If you want to get back at your roommate, choose one of the pranks in this gallery and get ready to laugh. Pull off all of these pranks, and you'll be known as the funniest guy on campus!

An oldie, but a goodie, is the classic collapsing mattress prank. To pull off this prank, you'll need a bunk bed with removable slats (most dorm rooms have these). Simply remove the mattress from the bed, take out all the wooden slats, and carefully replace the mattress so that it sits on the edge of the frame.

When your roommate jumps into bed there will be no support and the mattress will fall through to the layer below. This will work on either the top or bottom bunk, but it's much funnier on the top bunk.