What Are Great Nontraditional Christmas Movies?

Die Hard 1 of 11

Nontraditional Christmas flick or otherwise, movies don't get more entertaining or thrilling than 'Die Hard.' It's arguably the best action flick of all time, and it's the high-octane, action-packed original that spawned thousands of lesser wannabes.

Take a hiatus from 'Elf' and 'A Christmas Story' this year, so you can relish in the opportunity to watch Bruce Willis embody the ultimate smart, wisecracking one-man army known as John McClane, as he pulls out all the stops against a whole team of heavily armed terrorists. Don't think 'Die Hard' is a Christmas movie? You must've forgotten that the whole movie takes place on the night of the employee Christmas party in the towers of Nakatomi Plaza.

Yippie kay yay, and have a Merry Christmas!