What Are the Best Gifts for Your Girlfriend?

A Book 1 of 9

Whether your girlfriend is a bibliophile or just a casual reader, a book is a great gift that shows you actually put some thought into picking it out. Choose a book like:

  • The latest book in her favorite book series or the box set
  • A biography of one of her favorite celebrities, politicians or historical figures
  • A humorous book geared at women
  • A bestseller she's expressed interest in

"Sh*t Girls Say" by Kyle Humphry and Graydon Sheppard will be a great stocking stuffer this year. It's based on the hilarious Twitter and YouTube sensation by the same name and won't break your budget at just $5.14 for a hardcover copy on Amazon.com.

Avoid: self-help books, cookbooks and anything in the "young adult" section.