What Will You Miss Most About College?

Don't Wish College Away 1 of 11

While you're deep in the throes of college life, you may find yourself wishing for graduation day to arrive. You're sick to death of going to lame classes at 8 a.m., eating cafeteria food, and hearing your neighbor's awful music through the walls in your dorm. But you won't always feel that way!

When you're living on campus, your friends are practically right next door at all times. If you want to go on a spontaneous donut run, you can grab a friend (or five) and head straight for the donut shop.

But after college, those same friends will probably live in another state, and you'll be alone in a dumpy apartment, shoveling gas station donuts down your gullet while you cry about how much your life sucks.

It's not a pretty picture. Click through for some more things you'll probably miss about college!