Who Were the Many Loves of Ridge Forrester?

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Fans of the CBS soap 'The Bold and the Beautiful' know firsthand that Ridge Forrester was the ultimate TV ladykiller. Known for loving multiple women at once, he saw his fair share of gorgeous ladies throughout his 25-year run on the show.

The first object of Ridge's desire was Caroline Spencer, a woman who was adamant about remaining a virgin until marriage. Ridge and Caroline were engaged, but a few things kept them away from each other for a while:

  • Ridge had a last minute fling with another woman a week before the wedding.
  • Caroline collapsed on her way down the aisle and was rushed to the hospital.
  • She up and married Ridge's brother, Thorne.
  • Ridge tricked Caroline into sleeping with him; she believed she was making love to her husband.
  • Thorne shot Ridge in the back of the head.

Even after all that drama, though, the two ended up married in 1990. Unfortunately, their joy didn't last very long; Caroline was diagnosed with leukemia six months into the marriage and died that same year.

All wasn't lost for poor Ridge. He had plenty of other tails to chase! Click through for the scoop on Ridge's other romances.