Which TV Character Deaths Filled Fans with Joy?

Bart Bass, 'Gossip Girl' 1 of 11

Have you ever been happy when a character died on television? Were they so cruel, conniving, or annoying that you were glad to be rid of them forever? That's the case with the following characters; instead of mourning them, we're celebrating their demise!

First up is Bart Bass, Chuck's downright despicable daddy on 'Gossip Girl.' He died not once, but twice; and while none of us were really all that broken up about it the first time around (when he faked his death), his second and final trip to the grave brought us all sorts of joy!

While trying to kill his own son, he accidentally fell off of the Empire's roof in the show's second-to-last episode. Buh-bye, Barty! You will not be missed.