What Were the Biggest Music Atrocities of 2012?

"Birthday Cake (Remix)" 1 of 11

If there was anything we dreaded more in 2012 than the double whammy of a same-day vasectomy and prostate exam, it was hearing anything about the "Who gives a shit?" IED relationship of Breezy and RiRi. The dynamic duo got hot and heavy all over the remix of Rihanna's "Birthday Cake," and the whole thing was enough to make us want to puke up blood.

The tune famous for Rihanna grunting "cake" a thousand-plus times and Breezy crooning that he's going to f$*# ol' RiRi may not have gotten "Gangnam Style" level of play, but the few times we endured it were enough to remind us of how wretched and disgusting this pair is.