What Are the Strangest Unsolved Mysteries?

The Oakville Blobs 1 of 10

On August 7, 1994, the town of Oakville, Washington was met by a gooey gelatinous substance raining from the sky. For the following three weeks, the mysterious blobs rained down on Oakville six more times. During that span, many Oakville residents started complaining they were suffering from a mysterious flu-like illness that blurred their vision and caused shortness of breath.  

A sample of the mysterious substance underwent testing, and the sample was reported to contain a high concentration of human white blood cells. Subsequent tests revealed two types of bacteria, one of which is found in the human digestive system.

Though nobody knows quite what the blobs that fell on Oakville were, many have their theories:

  • Some believed human waste was falling from airplanes overhead, but the Federal Aviation Administration disproved that theory.
  • Some suspected offshore ocean bombings sent jellyfish particles into the sky and covered the 50-mile distance to Oakville.
  • Others believe biological weapons tests conducted by the military were the cause.

No samples of the blob remain today, and no one knows for certain what caused them to rain on Oakville.