Who Are the Hottest LGBT Indie Musicians Right Now?

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December 19, 2012

No musician is on top of the world quite like Frank Ocean is right now. In 2012, Ocean dropped his album's most widely acclaimed critical and commercial smash, "channel ORANGE," and stunned audiences with memorable sets on high-profile stages like those of 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,' 'Saturday Night Live,' and the MTV Video Music Awards.

When did he come out?

Right before 'channel ORANGE' was released in 2012, one of Ocean's most important achievements was opening up to share his chronicle of first love and heartbreak from a life-changing same-sex relationship he had years before. The decision to bare his soul for all to see on his Tumblr page was an inspiration for many.

In the December 2012 issue of 'GQ,' Ocean said, "The night I posted it, I cried like a fucking baby. It was like all the frequency just clicked to a change in my head. All the receptors were now receiving a different signal, and I was happy. I hadn't been happy in so long. I've been sad again since, but it's a totally different take on sad. There's just some magic in truth and honesty and openness...I knew that if I was going to say what I said, it had to be in concert with one of the most brilliant pieces of art that has come out in my generation...And the part that you love the most is the easiest part for me. So I'll do it again."

Although Ocean came out by sharing his feelings for someone of the same sex, he doesn't quite qualify his sexuality as "gay." He has said, "You can’t feel a box. You can’t feel a label."

What do you need to hear?

'channel ORANGE' (2012)