Top 15 Movies Set in High School

15. Carrie 1 of 16

Although it may not be anyone's first choice when thinking back on their favorite "high school" movies, the 1976 horror flick 'Carrie' definitely encapsulates some of the best - and worst - that high school has to offer. Who among us can't relate to at least one of the many high school characters involved: the pretty boy jock, the misunderstood loner, the girl who always wears a baseball cap, even to her senior prom...

Okay, so maybe the characters aren't all that relatable after all. That said, the story of a high school girl who gets mocked endlessly by her peers has never been told quite as memorably as it was in 'Carrie.' The prom scene, where one last prank against the quiet, shy Carrie causes her to lash out, still goes down as one of the most notable scenes in cinema, and high school, history.