Which Great Movies Should You Avoid on Network TV?

Pulp Fiction 1 of 11

Don't waste your time watching any Quentin Tarantino movie edited for network TV, but put 'Pulp Fiction' at the top of the list.

It's absolutely heartbreaking trying to sit through one of the most quotable films of our generation with every other word bleeped out. Nearly every bit of Quentin's genius dialogue between Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson will be destroyed, Tarantino's profane cameo will be all but cut entirely, and you won't even make it through the opening raps between Tim Roth and Rosanna Arquette before you witness the first such travesty. If that's not enough, the "Gimp" scene, Uma's horrific OD scene, and the bloody car cleanup will all be watered down. When you're inhabiting the world of Quentin, it has to be all or none.