What Should a Lady Never Do?

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Men have a pretty bad reputation for being messy in the bathroom. But have you ever noticed that some horrifying things happen in women's restrooms, too? It's appalling how disgusting some women can be. We're supposed to be the cleaner sex, right? A lady should respect her surroundings and always clean up after herself!

That means:

  • Don't splatter your explosive diarrhea all over the bathroom walls.
  • Flush the toilet when you're done. You're not five.
  • Don't dribble pee on the toilet seat.
  • Put your used pads and tampons where they belong. Hint: it's not on the floor.
  • Don't draw or carve things on the stall.

It's just not right. Get it together, ladies! Click through for some more things that a lady should never do!