What Are the Biggest Malls in the World?

10. The Dubai Mall 1 of 11

If you're looking for an extreme shopping trip that involves a lot of overseas travel and large malls filled to the brim with shops, movie theaters, and more, you should probably take a trip to some of the largest shopping malls the world has to offer!

In this gallery, we'll take a look at the 10 biggest malls according to their gross leasable area. In other words, by the amount of actual retail space they have available.

Coming in at #10 is the Dubai Mall in the United Arab Emirates, which opened in November 2008. This massive complex offers 3.77 million sq. ft. of leasable space and has over 1,200 stores available for your enjoyment. It's actually the largest mall in the world according to total area, coming in at a whopping 12.1 million sq. ft.!